10 New Wheelbarrows for City Parks!

Our University Kiwanis was able to meet up this Saturday morning and assemble bright blue wheelbarrows with Mirna Estrada of the Municipality of Anchorage’s Parks and Recreation.

Preassembled they didn’t look like much. 2013-04-20 10.42.21

The first few were a bit of a challenge to put together. “Where’s bolt O?” and “how does this go on?” were said quite a few times.  

Kiwanis Wheel Barrows 023

But, once we had done some the last ones were really easy. 

2013-04-20 12.59.25

2013-04-20 10.42.44              Even baby Mikey was able to help out.


Wheelbarrow cropped

Thank you Mirna for the opportunity to do this fun project and for supplying lunch!

Total Hours Members Involved Expenses or Funds Raised
20 5 $0
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