Picnic Tables and Yogi Bear

So, we had a good time fixing 8 picnic tables out at Centennial park campground. It was a gorgeous, but eventful day. A black bear, likely two years old, had been spotted recently. And as it turned out, that little bear was around the campground all day. Some of the park goers had pulled a Yogi bear whoopsy daisy by actually feeding the bear. Yikes! We had to provide some quick noise and a bit of education. The next day someone was attacked in a similar encounter.

Anyway, a few more tables were fixed and no one was hurt. We had two new turnouts, John and Amanda. Their gumption was impressive and their help greatly valued!

2013-06-15 14.10.45

We were quite happy that Mikey didn’t make a morsel for a bear.

2013-06-15 13.43.02

A bottle this summer, an impact driver next. 😮

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