Picnic Tables Finished!

We have finished our picnic table project with Anchorage Parks and Rec! Hip Hip! All of the tables at the Centennial Park Campground are fixed and in usable condition. At least 30 tables repaired in total.  (I’ll post exact figures when I calculate them.)

We had a good turnout for the final day in spite of the rain, 7 members and 2 guests.  A big thank you to John Sherman, Esq. who helped out every day of the project this summer.  What a trooper. And, a thank you and welcome to Tobin Lily (and his little one) for helping us get over our post-lunch food coma and finish the project.

Lastly, word of sincere appreciation to Mirna Estrada the Volunteer Coordinator for Anchorage Parks and Rec. Mirna, you did a wonderful job helping us out while navigating your busy schedule. Thank you!


Rusted bolts were the theme.

Rusted bolts were the theme of the day.

One of many difficult bolts on the day.

Powering through one of many difficult bolts.



A little one checking for rot.

A little one checking for rot.


The afternoon group at our last table.

The afternoon group at our last table.

Now we just have to figure out what project to do next. Any suggestions? Comment here or contact us.

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