2014 University Kiwanis Pin Design Announced

It’s out!

Classic Buzzwinkle.....

Classic Buzzwinkle…

This year’s University Kiwanis pin is in honor of Anchorage’s former resident moose, Buzzwinkle. We were inspired by an Alaska Dispatch article recalling Buzz’s lengthy and lively contribution to the morale of the municipality. He was something else! We’ll be selling a gemstone version for $8, a blinking version for $12 and a wooden for $20. [Link to the standard version] Of course, we’ll be selling Fur Rendezvous pins too. We are the Keystone Kops after all.

Proceed’s from this years pin will go towards our University Kiwanis community service projects. We are proud to be able to say that every dollar we raise goes back into one of our many projects: feeding needy seniors during the holidays, sponsoring KEY clubs to promote youth volunteering, funding children to attend CampFireUSA’s summer camps, immunizing newborn babies in the developing world through UNICEF, and many more.

We’ll be selling at Christmas Village Saturday Dec, 21 from 10-6.  Look for us at the Eagle River Fred Meyer and Carrs in the Sears Mall through out the holidays and leading up to Fur Rendezvous. Additional locations pending. Donations are gladly accepted.

Also, look for our special Eliminate booster buttons for $2. The design is still being finalized. Each button saves a child’s life. The proceeds of each button will go towards the Kiwanis Eliminate Project, in partnership with UNICEF, to immunize pregnant women and their babies against tetanus. Our goal is to sell 1000 buttons, raise $2000, and thereby immunize 1105 babies in the developing world (at 1.81 cents for a series of three shots).


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